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Luxembourg was originally forged by the steel and agricultural industries, where hard work and true passion were combined in order to assure growth. In honour to these industries, we created our brand MELLIS to promote one of our countries’ most precious natural resources: the Luxembourgish HONEY.

MELLIS means „from honey“ in ancient Latin. Our brand is a collection of different honey products, which are produced in cooperation with selected partners and local beekeepers. Our portfolio includes new and traditional products that are reinvented or presented in a modern and trendy way.


Back in 2016, our ambition was to start our journey with a traditional local product, the “Hunnegdrëpp” (Honey Schnapps). We wanted to create a new version of this well-known liqueur and seduce consumers with an innovating flavour and a creative design.

Our ambition has always been to strive for excellence, and we developed several recipes that were continuously tested during the initial months. By mid of 2017, the recipe and final design were chosen and the first real production of our introductory MELLIS product finally took place. Our MELLIS CLASSIC was officially launched end of 2017 and its commercialization started in February 2018.

MELLIS CLASSIC is a fine combination of ancient and modern. While respecting the pureness of past recipes, and with courage to try out new flavours, it perfectly combines the bitterness of an ancient herbal mixture with the sweetness of finest Luxembourgish honey. The design is inspired by the early 1900s, when industrialization and moonshiners celebrated their glory years.


Bees work by thousands in the same honeycomb but each one has its own role and it is only through this collaboration that they can coexist. Like for the bees, it is also important to us to collaborate with different partners. We aim at working with selected beekeepers and producers in order to offer the finest selection of high-quality honey products, which are all unique by their own characteristics.

The honey that we use for our products is exclusively sourced from Luxembourgish beekeepers. This is extremely important to us, since it is the most precious resource and component of all our products. That is why, we swear by the high quality of the local honey and we therefore want to support and promote local beekeeping. Its continuity is, as we all know, of prime importance for every single one of us.

Our unique spirits are produced at the local distillery Diedenacker, which was established in 1862. Over generations, the family developed and tasted different kinds of distilled products. A close relationship with the Luxembourgish culture and tradition convinced the family to continue the distillery in a traditional and agricultural way. Over the years, the recipes evolved but always kept the authentic flavours and the high quality for which the distillery has always been famous for.

Our beer is produced at Brauerei STUFF, a local micro-brewery that is famous for its tasty and unique craft beers. Our common journey started in 2018, when we decided to develop Luxembourg’s first honey beer through a collaboration of young entrepreneurs. In March 2019, MELLIS BEER was officially presented to the local public and has known quite a success since then.