The relation between Luxembourg and Brazil started to be forged in the beginning of the 19th century, when the first Luxembourgish settlers joined a European migratory movement towards newly discovered South American lands. The Weber family ancestors, originally from Hunsrück (Germany), were also among this movement. Shortly after having settled in Brazil, they started cultivating potatoes to produce their own “Schnaps” before they began to distill their first sugar cane spirits. It was only one century later, in 1948, that a commercial distillery was eventually established. The basis of our MELLIS RUM LIQUEUR is a premium copper handcrafted rum, made with a fine tradition by the still family-owned H. Weber Distillery, using organic sugarcane from their own cultivation.

After having crossed the Atlantic Ocean, it is flavored with premium Luxembourgish honey before resting for several months. The result is a very smooth and naturally sweet rum liqueur, which incorporates the blend of South American and European know-how and the very best ingredients from Luxembourg and Brazil.

MELLIS Honey Rum Liqueur 500ml

  • Honey flavored rum

    Bottle of 500ml

    Alc. 29,5% vol.