MELLIS - the concept

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Long time ago, in this country which has been forged by the steel and agricultural industries, where hard work and true passion were combined in order to assure growth, one of the most beautiful heritage has seen the light :

Luxembourgish Honey Schnapps.  In honour to these industries and to the values of Luxembourg, we created our :




MELLIS which means „from honey“ in ancient Latin, is a unique spirit produced in an agricultural distillery according to the technics and knowledge which have been transferred over generations.


While respecting the pureness of past recipes, and with courage to try out new flavours, our classic MELLIS is the result of combining the bitterness of an ancient herbal mixture with the sweetness of finest Luxembourgish honey. 

MELLIS - the development 

From the beginning, it was clear that MELLIS should not become another classic Schnapps. The ambition was to create a product which seduces its consumers by an innovating flavour and a creative design. 

Beginning of 2017, the development of the first MELLIS product started together with selected Partners. Since our ambition was, and still is, to go for excellence, the development undoubtedly took various months until the first samples were approved and the first designs saw the lights. 

Mid of 2017, several recipes were ready to be tested. Over some testing panel, three main recipes appeared to be the most appealing :

MELLIS CLASSIC - a fine combination of a mixture of herbs and honey

MELLIS ELDER    - an elegant honey schnapps surrounded by the Elderberries flavours

MELLIS POMACE - a true discovery as the product seduces by its subtle notes 

After further trials, it has been decided to first launch the MELLIS CLASSIC, which embraces best the Honey flavour with the distinct taste of the botanical mix, and this is how the MELLIS Honey Schnapps was born.

MELLIS - the Partners


The Distillery Diedenacker itself has been established in 1862. Over generations, the family developed and tasted different kinds of distilled products. A close relationship with the Luxembourgish culture and tradition,  convinced the family to continue the distillery in a traditional and agricultural way.

Over the years, the recipes evolved but always kept the authentic flavours and the high quality for which the distillery was famous for.

Early 2017, the company M.E.W. approached DIEDENACKER in order to develop together new recipes of the traditional honey schnapps. The final mixture for MELLIS is a fine combination of ancient recipes with a modern hint of creativity. 

After a year of development, on the 11th of December, the product was presented in a kick-off event at the Brasserie Schuman.

 As of February 2018, the MELLIS started its commercialization in Luxembourg.